About Us

Seven Spots is an online platform dedicated to provide you with the essential information about the historical heritage of England. Thanks to our practical search engines, you can instantly check the best historical landmarks in your neighbourhood and find out what other interesting spots can be found in the county, parish or city you’re in.

All our historical monuments are classified by type, which will make your search even more efficient by focusing exclusively on the attractions that you’re interested in – if you’re into castles and churches, you can be certain that no towers or bridges will pop up in your browser! If what you simply love to visit are traditional cottages, we will show you not only each and every interesting cottage you can find on the English land, but also give you a precise number of cottages per region or city.

That way you can be sure to visit English locations that have all it takes to make your holiday special and truly unforgettable. Exploring England with Seven Spots is easy-peasy as you can smoothly flip through the various spot categories and discover what kind of historical landmarks are waiting to be discovered in specific areas of England, be it a city or a whole county. Apart from our extremely pleasant and effective search engines, you will find a wide range of articles that delve into the details of all the best spots that England has to offer in terms of its national heritage. Digging into Britain’s history has never been so simple!