Bizset Database Broadens Scope of US Company Listings Web-based company Bizset has released new search features for its US corporation informational database.

In addition to its initial set of features, which includes listings of addresses, various contact information, maps, and other practical information, users can now find company patents, trademarks, and company filings at

The new features allow the general public to efficiently seek out details of a company’s reputation, financial dealings, or identify common areas of interest. Job seekers are now easily able to determine if the company they intend to apply for employment at is honorable, and other business entities are now easily able to determine if engaging in deals with a particular company is a prudent decision. Those in the non-profit sector can benefit by the ability to determine if a corporation is likely to offer grant money, based on any prior contributions to organizations within a given field.

The application of old and new features alike will allow anyone to quickly discover the information they need, and get on with their day. Bizset’s database erases the time it takes to sift through company websites, outdated phone books, and social media pages. Bizset users can now avoid the need to contact a company with a direct request for information, which can take days. Bizset users will have quick access to public records, such as a company’s 990 forms, in a matter of seconds.

Launched in April 2016, is a searchable online database that contains complete and up-to-date practical and financial information for US-based corporations. Their program is proudly designed with the user in mind, and Bizset continues to build new functions that will assist users in their daily lives.

Bizset aims to make access to practical US business information readily available to the general public. Their website’s simple, yet effective, corporation search capabilities will produce quick and user-friendly results. Unlike many search engines, Bizset’s query results follow an alphabetical sorting system, rather than rank-based and paid-advertising results.

Initially inspired to build their database as a way to resolve limitations of other systems of locating US company information, Bizset’s creators have worked diligently to continue to improve the user’s experience and ensure that their database contains only the most current information.

Specific features of Bizset’s database include the ability to search broadly or narrowly, enabling users to locate businesses they know or new businesses they are browsing. Details such as phone contacts, board members, and location tools are at your fingertips.

Bizset welcomes feedback and inquiries. User critiques are invaluable, as they enable Bizset to deliver users an ideal information platform.

Users can expect additional exciting updates as Bizset continues to expand its functionality. Updates will be communicated at