Unveils Practical Business Data About the Canadian Business Scene Even if the Internet is full of online business directories, it doesn't mean that searching for relevant information is more comfortable today. In fact, a closer look at these lists reveals that they are often too complicated for regular Internet users and feature outdated or fragmentary information.

All in all, online business directories can only be useful for finding out information about a single company, and not for a comprehensive market analysis.

Fortunately, professionals interested in conducting such an analysis can now use a brand-new online business directory that provides its users with comprehensive information about all the businesses located or registered on the territory of Canada. is a brand-new online resource for users looking for reliable business information. It includes full company profiles that feature essential business data users ranging from researchers and journalists to market analysts and entrepreneurs can use to learn more about a local business scene. They can analyze a particular region or city regarding its business activity or have a closer look at a given company to check its business performance. is a business directory that was made with users in mind and provides plenty of actionable data with just a few clicks. Optimized to match the needs of regular users who simply want to learn more about businesses in Canada, allows getting all that information without having to spend hours on navigating complex databases.

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How can users find the information they need? All it takes is typing relevant keywords into the platform's search engine. Users can also browse through the company list featured on the website for easier access to relevant data. Clicking on a company, they are transported to an individual company profile that includes a lot of pertinent information – for example, users can check the full name of the company, as well as its address together with the address type and province, corporation ID, business number, the company's status, and ACT.

Scrolling down the page, users will see a detailed description of the company that highlights the essentials everyone should know about the business operation. helps users find similar enterprises located nearby by listing them all in the description. That provides help in researching a particular location or closely assessing a given industry in an area. The very bottom of the page includes a practical map to allow users to locate the business in a city efficiently.

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